ERP System

DurraTech Software technology consists of unified systems and solutions for advanced enterprise resource planning (ERPs), and a wide variety of solutions that suit various business sectors, which can be used as separate models or as integrated information systems that serve the whole institution, and provide adequate support for the business activities execution. Our software solutions ensure easily usage of entering, updating, storing, sharing, retrieving data and resources and activities by clients. Our confidence came from our experts’ ability to give the best solutions.

Gas Stations Solutions

The Gas Stations Management system connects all the gas station procedures from selling through the fuel pumps or providing tanks with fuel or delivering gas service, therefore, the system provides comprehensive management of sales and inventory through direct connection with the devices available inside the station. DurraTech provides you all of equipment and supplies gas stations of fuel Dispensers in all shapes and sizes, speeds and specifications. It also provides you with a automatic tank gauging system, tanks of fuel to the gas station and provide you with automatic payment machines.

E Solutions

DurraTech provide advanced technical E solutions across a wide range of disciplines. All our E solutions are designed to integrate into the existing infrastructure, independent of the incumbent manufacturer. Also we can providing (hosting, web design, E commerce solutions, E business applications and any custom E solution.

Mobility Solutions

Our solutions provide all the power you need to manage your mobile field service, sales and delivery teams. Here you can set the rules and parameters for your entire operation, including customer profiles, asset profiles, telesales calling schedules, warehouse and stock control, customer specific pricing, promotions, merchandising questionnaires, suggested customer stock levels, van sale, etc.

RFID Solutions

When you hear the term RFID used today it most commonly refers to the burgeoning business application for managing and tracking supply chains, especially in the materials, manufacturing, and retail industries. The supply chain business objective is to use RFID technology to not only take the just-in-time inventory concept to its next performance level but to support additional information functions ... from streamlining the product recall process and reducing theft and fraud, to further improving the type and quantity of product marketing information.

Hardware and Networking

There are a variety of hardware components and networking solutions that allow users to make the most out of their personal and business computers. This hardware allows users to maximize their efficiency and make the most out of their resources. There are several types of computer, network, storage, laptops, servers, networks solutions and backup hardware.

Geophysical Solutions

Geophysical surveying techniques provide a toolbox of rapid, discrete and cost effective methods for the location and identification of subsurface features. DurraTech solutions provide consultancy, survey design and site investigation services. We routinely apply state of the art geophysical instrumentation to the identification of subsurface features associated with man-made and natural phenomena. Our senior staffs have international research profiles through their work in geophysical data collection and interpretation, with work ongoing into new equipment and data processing software.

Security Solutions

We provide the highest quality security systems security cameras, Time attendance in the industry. Our security systems are easy to use, high performing, reliable and efficient. Our security camera systems and DVR systems allow for a wide variety of features such as remote viewing and scheduled motion recording. Our products are truly the best security systems, easy to use and completely reliable. Our customers have never complained about our security system, all security systems are extremely easy to use.



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